Etz Cafe is our non-profit cafe/restaurant, located in the center of Jerusalem. Along

with offering our customers an extensive menu of critically acclaimed dishes,

we provide free meals, clothing and other necessities for homeless men and women.

Come visit us, and have the most significant meal of your stay!

Etz Fine Jewelry and Leather Goods is a collective of artists from around the world 

that have created a line of artisan products especially for Voice of Many Waters,

donating over 50% of profits towards the organization.

All our pieces are unique and handcrafted using quality materials,

and each design carries a message of compassion, hope and love.

VMW Tours was established to cater to the traveler who wants to experience more than

the stereotypical tour of Israel. We build each tour specifically for the individual/group,

offering unlimited options to indulge your every wish!