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Hello, little friends. That is Ben, and that is his cousin Maria.

They live in a farm full of animals and a lot of cool stuff, where there is always new things to do. They love to discover, play and learn, and together with them we will have a lot of fun and make new discoveries here at ETZ KIDS.

Hi, I'm Ben, what I like to do the most is run, climb trees and listen to the stories from the books that my grandpa reads to me and to my cousin Maria.

Hello, my name is Maria, I like to cook with my granny and help my grandpa to take care of the garden and animals. My cousin Ben and I love learning new things, and we're going to show you everything here at ETZ KIDS. It's gonna be very cool!

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Today Ben and Maria were very happy, because they had left very early in the morning with Grandpa to feed the animals, and as soon as they returned home Grandma said she would let them help her to cook carrot cake in the kitchen.

Maria was the most excited, because she loved helping Grandma cook.
When they were already running towards the kitchen, Grandma asked:
- Aren't you forgetting anything?

Ben looked at Maria confused, as he had no idea what Grandma was talking about! That was when Maria remembered:
- Ah! True Grandma. Wash our hands!

Maria remembered that Grandma once taught them that before cooking, before eating, and also always after playing outside or even helping Grandpa with the vegetable garden or animals, they needed to wash their hands properly. Ben then replied:
- It's true, Maria! We almost forgot. Oh! But I think I have a little problem, because I think I don't remember all the movements to wash my hands properly. Do you remember, Maria?
- Sure, Ben, I remember! - Maria replied.

And the two then went to the sink, because they needed soap and a lot of water, and Maria showed Ben how to wash his hands properly.
- Thank you, Maria, now I remembered everything and I will not forget.

And now that Ben and Maria had clean hands, they were ready to help Grandma cook that delicious carrot cake.

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At lunch time, Grandpa, Grandma, Ben and Maria were together at the table enjoying Grandma's delicious food, when Grandpa noticed that Maria seemed to be quieter than usual, and Grandpa well knew that when Maria was like that, it was because she had something to ask, so he said:

- Come on, Maria, do you have anything you want to ask us? You know you can ask us anything!

- It's true, Grandpa, I do. - Maria replied - The teacher explained that we are not going to school because there is a bad virus on the streets that is causing a lot of harm to people, so we need to stay home. So far I understood. But today I saw on TV that many old people, even staying at home, are getting very sick with the virus. I didn't understand why!

- It's true, Maria! - Ben said - My friend from school said he had to go several days without being able to visit his grandpa, and when he finally did, he was asked to wear masks that cover his mouth and nose. Grandpa, does the virus pass through the voice?

Grandpa then explained to Ben and Maria:

- No, Ben, the virus does not pass through the voice. It turns out that when people sick with the virus speak, the virus comes out of their mouth and it is so tiny, but so tiny, that you can't even see it if you use a magnifying glass. And these bad viruses make people around get sick too. That is why if we use masks to protect the mouth and nose, the virus will not be able to catch us, and we will remain strong and healthy.

Maria then asked again:
- Grandpa, but what about the old people who didn't leave the house I saw on TV?
- Ah, yes - Grandpa replied - When people get old they are not as strong as the younger ones, so the virus catches them more easily, which is why even to visit or hug, you have to be very careful with the olders, as they are people who need even more care and protection.


Ben then said:
- Grandpa, Grandma, so we need to take care of you, because I love you so much and I don't want you to be sick.
Grandma then finally spoke:

- We love you too, Ben, and you too, Maria. Thank you very much for taking care, and the best way that you can take care of me and Grandpa today is taking care of yourself so you don't get sick. That is, protecting yourself well, always washing your hands as we have learned, and eating enough vegetables to become even stronger and healthier. Besides, I have a gift for you over there, for when we need to go out to the market, the church, or even when you go back to school.

When they finished lunch and helped Grandma to wash the dishes, Grandma then presented Ben and Maria with super cool colored masks, which they could now use to protect themselves better. They were very happy and thankful for the gift, as they now understood how they should protect themselves and take care of Grandpa and Grandma.



Today morning Grandpa took Ben and Maria very early to the garden. Ben loves to go to the vegetable garden with Grandpa and help him with the plants, even though he went only a few times with Grandpa. But today Grandpa was showing something very different, because he was stirring the soil a lot and making little holes in the ground, but he didn't have any plants yet!

Ben was then confused and immediately asked:

- Grandpa, aren't we going to take care of the plants today? Why are we moving this land when there is no plant here? Hum ... Actually, Grandpa, where did those other plants come from?

Grandpa smiled and replied:

- Ah, Ben, I'm glad you asked, because today you and your cousin Maria are going to learn how little plants are born. Look, I have a lot of seeds here, like those in the fruit we eat. Now let's put them in these little holes that we made and cover them with soil like that. Finally, with the watering can, we will water the land with lots of water. Did you see? Okay, now just wait and the plants will start to grow.

- Really, Grandpa? - Maria said delighted - How cool, we will stay here until we see them being born!

- No, Maria, my dear, it is not like that, all things have their time, and the little seed needs to rest a lot and drink a lot of water to have the strength to start growing. O I just thought of something! Let's do an experiment and you will see your own little plants being born.

- Nice! I love experiments! - Ben shouted, jumping with joy.

Grandpa, Ben and Maria then went home and Grandpa took two small beans with him, one for Ben and one for Maria. He asked the two to take a cup with cotton inside with Grandma and wet the cotton well. Then he gave the beans to each of them.

- Now put the beans on the cotton and leave it there by the window, where it is very sunny. And don't forget to always keep the cotton very wet. Remember, everything has its time, so every morning you can visit your little bean and see how it looks.

So every day Ben and Maria watched the beans grow until they became beautiful little bean trees, and so they learned how all the plants are born. Grandpa then took them to the vegetable garden and prepared a special place for Ben and Maria to plant their own bean trees on the ground, which they made very happy and proud.



Today was a very beautiful and sunny day. Maria was playing in the garden with her dolls, when she heard that Grandma was calling her from the kitchen:
- Maria, dear, where are you?
- I'm in the garden, Grandma - replied Maria - Is it time to go inside?

Grandma then replied:
- Actually I called you because I am now going to cook a carrot cake and I was wondering if you can help Grandma.
- Of course, Grandma! - Maria said enthusiastically - I love carrot cake a lot and it will be really good to be able to help!
Maria then went running to wash her hands, as she had learned from Grandma that she should always do before helping to cook, and went to find Grandma in the kitchen. Grandma saw her and said:
- Don't forget to put on your apron so you don't get your clothes dirty.
- Thank you, Grandma! replied Maria. And Grandma started to separate the ingredients, mix and cook, always with the help of Maria who was very happy and wanting to learn everything.
Some time later, Ben arrived in the kitchen, after finished his homeworks from school, and when he smelled something so delicious he asked:
- Grandma, are you making that carrot cake that I love? Can I help too?

Grandma replied:
- Yes, dear, this is what we are cooking, in fact it is almost ready, but there is something you can help us with.
- What, Grandma? asked Ben.
- As important as making the cake is to keep the kitchen clean and organized. All used dishes need to be washed well with soap and water to remove any dirt, also, everything needs to be stored in its correct place. This is important because we will always know where everything is whenever we need it, so we need to always have everything well organized and in the right places. Can you help Grandma clean and organize?
- Sure, Grandma! replied Ben.
- I'll help too! said Maria then.

Ben and Maria then helped Grandma clean and tidy the entire kitchen, putting things in their proper places. And when everything was very clean, as soon as Grandpa arrived, everyone could sit together at the table and enjoy Grandma's delicious carrot cake, which Ben and Maria were very happy to be able to help.